A solution for both your mobile and mother-nature.

Biodegradable and elegant cellphone cases made for a proper protection that reduces your device's environmental footprint.
No Waste Case - Protège bien plus que votre mobile

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The life cycle of a No Waste Case

Paille de blé

From wheat straw to biodegradable polymer

Wheat straw, which is normally considered agricultural waste, is a key element in the production of our cases. The recycled straw is then used in the making of a thermoplastic polymer, giving it the ability to degrade naturally.  

Transformation and use

Once the biodegradable polymer is available, our cases are molded in various formats and colors, then packaged and shipped to our clients who will enjoy a green, flexible and solid protection for their devices. 

Étui de téléphone en main

From the Earth, and back

When time comes, a No Waste Case can be recycled or left in the trash where it will naturally degrade in under 6 months, way sooner than other plastics that can require hundreds of years to disappear.

one No Waste Case at a time

Thanks to a partnership with Tree Canada, each No Waste Case put on the market contributes to the planting of a new tree, and thus to the reforestation of our green spaces.

Arbre vert

A new tree, one
No Waste Case
at a time

Our long term vision regarding the reduction of the environmental footprint of mobile phones lead to the establishment of a partnership with Tree Canada, helping us add new trees to ours forests every day .

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Frequently asked questions

Payments are processed using Stripe which supports major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa. If you have any issue with your transaction, do not hesitate to contact us.

Orders are processed in under 72 working hours and are shipped using Canada Post letter mail or regular parcel. An email will be automatically sent when your package is in transit. The free delivery uses Canada Post letter mail which can usually take from 3 to 14 working days to arrive. If you are still waiting and have not received your order yet, please contact support for further help.

All support requests can be made on our Facebook page using Messenger, or by email at [email protected]

Absolutely, we offer a 30 days warranty that covers manufacturing defects and design flaws (case not fitting, etc). 
You will find more informations about your rights and our satisfaction warranty in our bottom section called INFORMATIONS.

Our partnership with Tree Canada allows us, for each No Waste Case sold, to finance the planting of a new tree in a location of our choice.
We select regions that are the most affected and that will benefit the most from reforestation.

Yes ! We offer free shipping for all canadian addresses.

For now, we only ship to canadian addresses. Follow us for updates on the future expansion of our delivery options.